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Lifetime Earnings of PRCA’s Richest Cowboys

Ever wondered who’s made the most money in professional rodeo? Check out this list of PRCA all-time richest cowboys. (List includes active and inactive or retired cowboys as of October 2020 and is courtesy of PRCA Media.) Are your favorite cowboys on it?

1. Trevor Brazile $6,934,998.00

Sitting solidly in #1 is Trevor Brazile. Even after a one-year hiatus from PRCA to when he was committed to the Elite Rodeo Association, his record stands. Brazile works every event that requires a rope in his hands.

Events: Tie-down Roping, Team Roping, Steer Roping
Born: 11/16/1976 Amarillo, Texas
Joined PRCA: 1996
World Titles Won: 25 (AA 2002-04, 2006-15, 2018; TD 2007, 2009-10; TR 2010; SR 2006-07, 2011, 2013-15, 2019)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 31 (TD 1999-2011, 2013-15, 2017, 2018; TR 1998, 2003-04, 2006-15)
Current Residence: Decatur, Texas

2. Clay O’Brien Cooper $3,951,983.00

Sitting in the #2 spot is Clay O’Brien Cooper, team and steer roper. Clay is a seasoned PRCA competitor, having won titles at the NFR 4 times, it’s no surprise this Clay is in the number 2 spot.

Events: Team Roping (Heeling), Steer Roping
Born: 5/6/1961 Ray, Ariz.
Joined PRCA: 1979
World Titles Won: 7 (1985-89,1992, 1994)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 29 (1981-95, 1997-98, 2000-04, 2006-08, 2012-15)
Current Residence: Gardnerville, Nev.

3. Cody Ohl $3,505,639.00

Events: Tie-down Roping, Steer Roping, Team Roping (Heading)
Born: 9/21/1973 Rosenburg, Texas
Joined PRCA: 1994
World Titles Won: 6 (AA 2001, TD 1997-1998, 2001, 2003, 2006)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 20 (1994-2001, 2003-2014)
Current Residence: Hico, Texas

4. Fred Whitfield $3,209,218.00

Events: Tie-down Roping
Born: 8/5/1967 Houston, Texas
Joined PRCA: 1990
World Titles Won: 8 (AA 1999, TD 1991, 1995-96, 1999-2000, 2002, 2005)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 20 (1990-2006, 2008, 2010, 2012)
Current Residence: Hockley, Texas

5. Joe Beaver $3,094,415.00

Events: Team Roping (Heading), Tie-down Roping
Born: 10/13/1965 Victoria, Texas
Joined PRCA: 1985
World Titles Won: 8 (AA 1995-96, 2000; TD 1985, 1987-88, 1992-93)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 22 (TD 1985-88, 1990-98, 2000-01, 2003-04, 2006; TR 1997, 2000, 2002, 2006)
Current Residence: Huntsville, Texas

6. Billy Etbauer $3,015,377.00

Although he’s been retired from his record-setting career for years, Billy Etbauer holds the #6 position. He’s the first $2MILLION DOLLAR COWBOY from the bucking chute side of the arena.

Events: Saddle Bronc Riding
Born: 1/15/1963 Huron, S.D.
Joined PRCA: 1988
World Titles Won: 5 (1992, 1996, 1999-2000, 2004)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 21 (1989-2009)
Current Residence: Edmond, Okla.

7. Rich Skelton $2,985,956.00
Events: Team Roping (Heeling)
Born: 6/18/1966 Ft. Worth, Texas
Joined PRCA: 1986
World Titles Won: 8 (1997-2004)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 22 (1990-2006, 2009-10, 2013-15)
Current Residence: Llano, Texas

8. Bobby Mote $2,749,049.00

Events: Bareback Riding
Born: 6/3/1976 Portland, Ore.
Joined PRCA: 1996
World Titles Won: 4 (2002, 2007, 2009-10)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 15 (2001-15)
Current Residence: Culver, Ore.

9. Will Lowe $2,683,725.00

Events: Bareback Riding
Born: 12/24/1982 Gardner, Kan.
Joined PRCA: 2001
World Titles Won: 3 (2003, 2005-06)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 15 (2002-15, 2018)
Current Residence: Canyon, Texas

10. Cody Wright $2,628,892.00

Events: Saddle Bronc Riding
Born: 4/1/1977 Toquerville, Utah
Joined PRCA: 1998
World Titles Won: 2 (2008, 2010)
Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 13 (2003-14, 2016)
Current Residence: Milford, Utah

We hope you enjoyed this article of the PRCA’s Top 10 Richest Cowboys. This article was last updated in October 2020, please note there might be changes depending on when you read this article. If you have edits, feel free to email them to us so we can update this article.

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