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New Arizona Rodeo License Plate Initiative

Imagine driving down an Arizona highway, one hand on the steering wheel and the other waving at a truck and trailer youโ€™re passing. There is an automatic sense of camaraderie as the neighborly driver sees that your vehicle is flaunting the same Arizona rodeo license plate as theirs. This isnโ€™t just a fantasy, it is in the process of becoming reality. If you are a rodeo fan, athlete, advocate, or enthusiast, we have some exciting news coming your way! There is indeed a rodeo license plate, and it is just steps away from being accessible to you.

The classic ombre of an Arizona sky from Sedona red to southwestern turquoise. A bull riderโ€™s silhouette in front of the stripes of an Arizona flag inside of a classic belt buckle. Dave Alford, the owner of the Scottsdale Rodeo Museum, envisioned this license plate almost two years ago. He joined forces with other fellow rodeo friends like Kendra Diegan and James Tree, who put in the necessary work to soon bring it to life.

From speaking in front of the Arizona House and Senate to putting in painstaking hours of creative design, those hands have been working tirelessly to bring this plate into production. The Arizona senate recently passed HB2129, 27-3 in favor, and the government has now signed it off. Today there is an official Arizona law stating that we can create and produce a rodeo license plate. Only the other two states in the U.S. have similar plates, Nevada and Montana. But no matter where you call home, this cause is a worthy one of any support.

Now that step one of passing the law is complete, we are on step two. This is where we need your help! Arizona Department of Transportation requires $32,000 in funding to cover administrative costs of producing the Arizona rodeo license plate. How can you donate? Go to, scroll down, and select “Click here to make a donation”. As soon as this step of funding is complete, we will be able to customize and purchase our own special rodeo plates. All money generated from rodeo license plate sales will go to a 501-C3 non-profit, scholarship awards, and our own Arizona roads.

Whether you come from the cotton candy skies of the west or the rolling hills of the east, let us all link arms as equine and rodeo enthusiasts for the wonderful cause of preserving the cowboy lifestyle! Please go to to make a donation. Any support is highly appreciated. We hope to see you soon with your very own Arizona Rodeo License Plate! Happy trails!

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Having been raised around the family ranch in Reno, Nevada, Kennadee Riggs was instilled with a passion for preserving the western way of life at an early age. She grew up under Arizona skies competing horseback while developing a deep love for everything equine. She enjoys promoting cowboy lifestyle as the 2022 Miss Rodeo Arizona. As a member of the Cowgirls Historical Foundation she spends much of her time volunteering at charities and educating the public on western heritage . Recently, she served as a missionary for her church in Brazil and Oklahoma, all while spreading her love of the western lifestyle in those places along the way. As she works toward pursuing a degree in journalism and broadcasting she feels privileged to be a part of the Cowboy Lifestyle Network team, spreading good news and enthusiasm for our cowboy bloodlines.

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