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Barndominiums (also known as a “Barndo”) has been gaining popularity over the last decade and seem to be sweeping the nation by way of social media. From stunning patios with vaulted ceilings to large open floor plans, barndominiums have the ability to transform a blank canvas into a dream home. It isn’t surprising that barndos stop people in their tracks and leave them wanting more. Stacee Lynn, “the Barndominium Lady”, is no different. 

“In the 1980’s I picked up a newspaper one day and read an article about a man taking a barn and transforming it into a place where he and his horses lived. He coined the term ‘barndominium’ and it kind of just stuck with me, but I never thought much more of it. Fast forward 20 years, our children were grown, my husband and I found 14 acres out in the country. We decided to build a barndominium so I started drawing up design plans as I had always designed our homes in the past. Some time went by and I couldn’t find the right builders for the project. My husband suggested I be the builder and just contract out anything that I couldn’t do myself. I became the general contractor on our own home and started sharing the process on social media. You would have thought I was giving away gold, but my followers started eating it up and about five months into the process, I started waking up to thousands of new followers. Someone made a comment on a post and asked if I designed barndominiums for other people. A different person responded saying, ‘Yes she does because she’s designing mine!’. That day my phone rang at least thirty times with people asking if I’d design a barndo for them and that’s how my barndominium business began.”

The business is officially two years old as of June 2022, Stacee Lynn has twenty-one full-time employees and in April they launched their own national magazine. The Barndominium Lady has designed homes for some large-name celebrities, including country music star, Walker Hayes and his family, in addition to professional actors, athletes, and more. The company has worked on properties as small as one acre to a twenty-two thousand-acre ranch. Stacee Lynn states, 

“We work with a lot of what I like to call Legacy Properties. These are properties that have been in families for generations and will never be sold. I recently designed one home that’s 21,000 square feet and the largest we’ve done is just over 23,000 square feet.” At this time, Stacee Lynn has designed homes that have been built in 40 states.”

“In 2023 there are big announcements being made that will skyrocket the popularity of barndos past the “farmhouse” phenomenon that became popular via Chip and Joanna Gaines. With that being said, we will be hosting a brand new ‘Barndo School’ here in Texas where people can come and learn how to build their own barndominiums! People in the barndo world want to do what they can to save some money and also want the pride of saying they built their house themselves! We’ll be offering additional resources and the ability to ask a variety of contractors who also work on barndos questions about the build process. More information will be coming on registration in Spring 2023.”

You can learn more about The Barndominium Lady online at

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