What is the Ozark Junior Rodeo Association (OJRA)?

The Ozark Junior Rodeo Association (OJRA) is a rodeo association that brings together kids from all over the area to participate in a variety of engaging rodeo events. It is designed to encourage all kids to participate in the rodeo on a competitive level, featuring educational opportunities and group events that can help kids develop their confidence and coordination. It can be a great way for kids to make new friends, compete with the best and develop a passion for the sport.

What Makes it Unique

OJRA-2015-2The Ozark Junior Rodeo Association is a cornerstone in the local community. It features an exciting array of events that can help a younger audience discover thrilling possibilities and pursuits. It is one of the largest organizations in the region and people from all over the country flock to learn more about the group’s activities and how they can participate. Sponsors regularly contact the leaders to work out deals that can help the entire community grow.

The Association’s History

Much like any close-knit community, the Ozark Junior Rodeo Association was started by two individuals passionate about what they do. The group began in the 1970s, created by Dusty Richards and Pat Hutter. Over 140 participants call this organization their own and the group provides all kids with the opportunity to compete at a state level. It is recognized the whole country over as one of the most prestigious associations that kids can join, with some participants even able to cultivate their talents to compete at a national level.

The Top Events

OJRA-2015The group’s events are divided into three categories according to age. The “Eight and Under” category features co-ed barrels, calf riding, poles and goat tying.

The “Junior” category is designed for kids between the ages of 9 and 13, and it features more advanced barrels and poles, stock riding, breakaway rope, team roping, and goat tying.

Finally, the “Seniors” category is made for kids between the ages of 14 and 18. This group showcases the most advanced events of team roping, bareback riding, bull riding, bull dogging, and goat tying.

The Royalty

Kaycee Maxwell, Kileigh Rein Meridith and Kalleigh Jo Shreve
From Left to Right: Kaycee Maxwell, Kileigh Rein Meridith and Kalleigh Jo Shreve

The association also features a royalty program that celebrates exemplary participants in the group’s events.

The current royalty members are the OJRA Queen, the OJRA Princess, and the OJRA Sweetheart. These titles belong to Kaycee Maxwell, Kileigh Rein Meridith, and Kalleigh Jo Shreve, respectively.

All participants are encouraged to do their best to have a chance to become a member of the royalty.



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