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Prescott Frontier Days 2019: World’s Oldest Rodeo

If you’re trying to decide what to do for the 4th of July weekend, we know the place to be! Prescott Frontier Days – World’s Oldest Rodeo has occurred annually over the 4th of July weekend since 1888 and has become one of the most famous rodeos in the states, most recently being nominated by USA Today as a contender for the best rodeo in America. Learn all about how the World’s Oldest Rodeo came to be, what to expect, and events you can’t miss during rodeo week!

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About Prescott Rodeo

July 4th, 1888, is when what is now known as Prescott Frontier Days – World’s Oldest Rodeo came to be. A group of merchants and businessmen organized the first ever formalized “cowboy tournament.” Competitors went head to head for cash money prizes, but only one cowboy, Juan Leivas, walked away with the biggest prize of being awarded rodeo’s first professional title.

The cowboy contests continued, and the name Prescott Frontier Days was decided upon in 1913. While there are other rodeos that claim to be the World’s Oldest Rodeo, no other rodeo has run as long and uninterrupted as Prescott Frontier Days. The rodeo will be celebrating 132 years in 2019!


Since Prescott Frontier Days is the World’s Oldest Rodeo, it’s no wonder that the top cowboys and cowgirls in the world make their way to Prescott, Arizona, to be a part of the famous rodeo! Don’t be surprised when rodeo stars like the Wright brothers show up to compete in Prescott. It’d be more of a surprise if they didn’t!

This year the rodeo runs from July 1st-July 7th, with rodeo performances daily at 7:30, and an extra performance at 1:30 on Saturday, July 6th.

Rodeo fans can expect to see all of the traditional rodeo events, but will also get to enjoy watching Wild Horse Racing, an event that features a 3-man team that must contain an un-broke horse with a halter and lead shank, put a saddle on the horse, and then have one of the cowboys on the team attempt to ride for a time that will beat the other competitors. If you haven’t ever watched a Wild Horse Race live, that’s reason enough to purchase Prescott Frontier Days tickets!

Professional PRCA Bareback Rider Zack Brown at the 2018 Prescott Frontier Days 2018: World’s Oldest Rodeo

While You’re in Town

Get the most out of your travels to Prescott for the rodeo by attending the following rodeo week events!

The Cowboy Lifestyle Network Team can’t wait to see y’all in Prescott for the World’s Oldest Rodeo! Be sure to come say hi andΒ drink a cold Coors Banquet with us.

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