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There’s a New Whiskey in Town

I am sure you have all heard of the great and late, Chris LeDoux, but have you heard of the spirits brand that is named after him? Let me introduce you to Drink Lust LeDoux It Spirits and Wine, that’s right, they do wine too! Drink Just LeDoux is a craft whiskey collection that honors the late singer-songwriter and world champion bareback rider, Chris LeDoux. Loved by everyone in the western industry, LeDoux’s music captured the spirit of rodeo and of the American West and this whiskey collection does the same thing. Not to mention, you can feel good popping open a bottle because a portion of all proceeds goes back to the Chris LeDoux Memorial Foundation and Make-A-Wish.

With the Drink Just LeDoux It whiskey collection, you are not buying a mass-produced bottle with a sub-par flavor. You are buying an experience. You care about the small nuances of flavor and how the whiskey was created. And so do the folks at Drink Just LeDoux It. The brand is dedicated to “making it right” in order to produce a product that Chris LeDoux would be happy to have his name on.

The Great Chris LeDoux

The Drink Just LeDoux It whiskey collection features three delicious bottles of award-winning whiskey. You read that correctly…award-winning. What does that mean though? So all three whiskeys were blind taste tested by several distinguished judges for the PR%F Awards competition, which is powered by Food and Beverage Magazine. The results were astounding. Their Double Cask Straight and Double Cask Blended Bourbon Whiskey both won Gold, which means they came highly recommended by the judges and the Cinnamon Clove Honey Flavored Whiskey earned the Double Gold which means it was superlative over the competition. Do we have you convinced yet? Let’s dig into what you can expect when you take a sip.

Drink Just LeDoux It – Double Cask Straight Whiskey

The Double Cask Straight starts with a Kentucky Straight Whiskey that has been aged no less than four years. It is then finished in โ€œJust LeDoux Itโ€ premium wine casks. One thing that makes all of their whiskey special is that it is bottled with water right out of a Rocky Mountain aquifer and not from a public water supply. You can expect a wine barrel finish that has notes of dried apricot and walnut with a mellow, wood-like finish.

Drink Just LeDoux It – Double Cask Blended Bourbon Whiskey

To create this unique blended bourbon whiskey we take an Indiana Bourbon and blend it with a Kentucky straight whiskey, then finish it in โ€œJust LeDoux Itโ€ premium wine barrels. Then bottled with water straight from a Rocky Mountain aquifer, not from a public water supply, at over 7,600 feet in altitude. This wine barrel finish has rich dried raisin and bitter chocolate notes followed by a smooth, subtle green apple finish.

Drink Just LeDoux It – Cinnamon Clove Honey Flavored Whiskey

This bottle is handcrafted by infusing corn whiskey with all-natural Wyoming honey, much of the honey coming from the LeDoux Ranch, natural cinnamon, and natural clove. It is then bottled with crisp, clean water straight from a Rocky Mountain aquifer at over 7,600 feet in altitude. This incredible flavored spirit was made to sip but is tough enough to shoot. It starts with a warm spiced cinnamon and clove flavor upfront, finishing with a smooth sweet honey mouth feel.

Drink Just LeDoux It is also going to be traveling this year to several rodeos, so make sure to keep an eye out of their Facebook for where they’re headed next so you can stop by, say hi and try some samples of the whiskey that is, the true spirit of the west. Enjoy and always drink responsibly!

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