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The Fundamentals of a Great Farmhouse

We don’t do a whole lot of home decor posts around here, but I figured it was time I try something new. Here is my personal take on all the fundamentals of a great farmhouse. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your feedback!

Fundamentals of a Great Farmhouse

Color Scheme

The color of your farmhouse is necessary to the overall theme of your home. Below are just some of my favorite colors when considering what to use in your home. What’s nice about a farmhouse palette is that the colors are pretty interchangeable. The colors you use on the exterior of your home, you can use on the inside. Farmhouse colors tend to lean towards the soft and neutral realm, which makes them as timeless as the style of your home.


The textures used in a farmhouse are crucial to your overall style. Wood is used A TON in farmhouse-styled homes. Any kind of wood for that matter. And feel free to mix and match your light grain wood with your dark grain then throw in some whitewash and you will have all of your bases covered! Corrugated tin is also a huge texture used in a lot of farmhouse-style homes. Tin can be used as an accent for furniture or art pieces, or even on the exterior of your home. And lastly, subtle greenery is always wonderful to break up the neutral colors. It isn’t uncommon to find eucalyptus on wreaths, in flower pieces, or just used as general decor.

Farmhouse Table

What is a farmhouse home without a classic table? That’s right, I think everyone should have a farm table. Thankfully, they come in several different shapes, colors, and seating styles. You could get creative and do a bench on one side and chairs on the other. Typically these tables have a rustic feel to them that fits perfectly with any style you might be going for.


When you think farmhouse, the first things that come to mind are simple, elegant, and cozy (at least that’s what comes to mind for me). Ultimately, your style should reflect the things you want to feel in your home. Whether it be assorted wreaths, wood floors, simple decor, sliding barn doors, or anything else your farmhouse heart desires.


What’s a completed farmhouse look like without cows? That might be a silly question, but if you know, you know! Everyone has seen the photos of the cute highland cows. So whether you have cows outside, on your shower curtain, on your wall, or anywhere else, I think cows are an essential part of having a true farmhouse style. Have thoughts on these fundamentals? Let me know!

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