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What is Team Roping?

Team roping is one of the mainstay events of any great rodeo show.

As with many other events part of a rodeo, Team Roping traces its origins back to the old days of ranches and cowboys. It was originally an efficiently designed maneuver by at least 2 cowboys to quickly control and subdue a rampaging animal.

It is noteworthy in this instance because in its modern inception, it is the only rodeo sport where men and women can participate together.

What it effectively boils down to is, 2 people with lassoโ€™s attempting to control the animal with no physical contact required. It can broken down like this:

  1. The first cowboy rider is the Header. In the front they are responsible for controlling the head. With a lasso, they attempt to hook it to the animalโ€™s horn/s or neck and control the thrashing of the head.
  2. The second rider is the Heeler. They are in the back and responsible for controlling the animal from the back. They attempt to lasso its leg/s around the heel/s and pull on them to restrict them.
  3. Once these 2 steps are complete, the riders go in opposite directions so the animal does not have leeway to thrash around

The main equipment for Team Roping is the following:

  • Rope: Composed of artificial materials, it is different for the header and heeler
  • Horn wrap: Ear coverings for the animal to protect from rope burn
  • Roping gloves: To protect the cowboyโ€™s hands from rope burn
  • Western Saddle: More thicker and sturdy than average saddles for better grip
  • Horse boots: For the horseโ€™s protection

If you too want to see Team Roping in action then you have to come to any of the amazing Team Roping and rodeo events held across the globe throughout the year!

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