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Winners of the 2021 Bucks for the Brave Hunt Hosted by Record Rack

In honor of veterans everywhere, Cowboy Lifestyle Network has been partnering with Record Rack Feed (a brand of Cargill) for the last couple of years to promote their annual Bucks for the Brave Hunt in Batesville, Texas. Today, we want to take some time to recognize the winners of the 2021 Bucks for the Brave Heroes Hunt. For those of you who are just hearing about the Bucks for the Brave program, here’s a little backstory. Six years ago, Record Rack learned what the importance and impact of being in the outdoors had on those who have put their lives on the line for their community and their country. They wanted to be able to provide these heroes with a once in a lifetime opportunity that they may not have received otherwise. So, the Bucks for the Brave Program was born. You can check out the Bucks for the Brave 2020 promo video below for a little sneak peek of what to expect this year.

Over the last few months, families and friends had the chance to nominate their own heroes to win this all-inclusive, weekend hunting trip at the Thumbtack Ranch in Batesville, Texas. Each year, five veterans (one each branch of the military) as well as one retired Firefighter, and one retired Law Enforcement Officer have the chance to win. This year is no different, we are excited to introduce to you the seven winners of this year’s Bucks for the Brave Heroes Hunt

Jason Carey – Air Force Winner

This man served 20 years in the armed forces. First in the Army, then the Air Force with Security Forces where he was medically retired. Although he could no longer serve his country in that capacity, he continues to impact citizens far and wide. He provides support to a veteran group offering advice, encouragement, mental health, and suicide prevention. He is most well-known for surprising complete strangers with his random acts of coolness. He has made an impact on so many people’s lives, he received 24 nominations in hopes they could finally give back to him. Congratulations Jason Carey! You are this year’s Bucks for the Brave Air Force Winner.

James Roberts- Army Winner

James Roberts, JD, joined the army at 17. He did two tours in Vietnam. The first was personal security for a chaplain who was behind the lines. His second tour was with a special forces group as a lieutenant. He then spent several years in Europe before being selected to be an instructor for the Rangers. He was then selected to be one of the founding members of Delta Force under Colonel Beckwith. He survived the plane crash during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.  He retired after 20 years with decorations and medals including the Silver Star, multiple Bronze Stars with Valor, a Purple Heart with OLC, and the list goes on. Even after retiring, he went with a group to Jordan on a mission to rescue a young girl kidnapped by her father. The event resulted in a made-for-TV movie starring Mariel Hemingway called Desperate Rescue. He didn’t stop there though. He spent an additional 20 years serving with the Department of Homeland Security. JD now lives in Crossville TN with his wife and suffers from Parkinson’s disease caused by agent orange in Vietnam.

Randell Hall- Coast Guard Winner

Randell has been a selfless public servant since high school and he continues to serve today. Randell started out in ROTC then went to serve and save lives in the Coast Guard. In the Coast Guard, Randell was a Boarding Team Member who conducted narcotics operations, migrant interdictions, and search and rescue missions. After that, he was an Aviation Machinist Technician who flew over 1,000 hours on Dolphin Helicopters that included numerous search and rescue and port security missions. After numerous stations and serving in the Coast Guard, Randell became a Law Enforcement Officer in Texas in 2004. He continues to make a positive impact in the lives of the citizens by serving on the SWAT team and working tirelessly to combat the war on drugs. Over the years with the police department, Randell won many awards, including 2019 Officer of the Year and four police commendations, the latest commendation being involved with a group of officers who saved lives at an active shooter incident. Randell is not only dedicated to his career; he dedicates his free time to his two young boys to show and guide them through the outdoors.

Marcus Fischer – Marine Corps Winner

Master Gunnery Sergeant M. Fischer served in the United States Marine Corps for 32 years. Joining at the age of 26, he entered force recon and began his extensive training in hostage negotiations in Central and South America, Seer school, jump school, master diving, working in southeast Asia while on missions from naval ships. He jumped on ships in the Persian Gulf during the Gulf War, commanded units and allies in the Iraq Invasion. He also worked in international CI training with allies in Europe and Africa. But none of this would’ve been known if it wasn’t for his wife who discovered the records and write-ups of his numerous adventures in the Marine Corps after a brain injury in 2004 from an IED explosion in his un-armored Humvee. It created a silent death certificate in his brain which went unnoticed for a decade. Fortunately, before it was too late, Master Gunnery Sergeant Fischer with the unrelenting support and drive of his wife went through every medical battle to find the right surgeon to remove a cavernous malformation From his brain stem in 2016, 12 years after the initial incident outside of camp blue diamond, a rock. That was 30 years after his initiation into the Marine Corps the year that he was to retire and become a stay at home dad to his kids who at the time or three and four years old. Well having a successful resection of his brain stem Master Gunnery Sergeant Fisher endured a stroke to his right cerebellum during that same brain surgery leaving him a victim of not just a stroke, but a resected brain stem. That happened election day November 8, 2016. After seven months of inpatient hospital care at three different inpatient brain injury facilities, Master Guns has maintained a harsh regimen of 5 to 8 different therapies a week. With the persistence and drive that any marine has, he has recovered to the point where he can communicate clearly in sentences that are understood, have an independent environment at home, play with his kids, help with homework and sports, and is still aiming to hopefully walk with a cane instead of a life in a wheelchair. Marcus has done more than just live, he has pursued, persisted, and is winning the battle despite it being a very slow hard, and the uphill battle he still pushes forward.

Brandon Bryan- Navy Winner

Brandon’s family and friends say he is the most resilient, brave, and humble person they have ever met. He suffered from the effects of psychological and physical impairment for years, directly related to combat missions he was part of. A little over three years ago, he agreed to get help and has started an amazing journey of healing. He is admired for asking for the help he needed and even more respect for his continued dedication to his physical and mental health. This road of healing has not always been easy, there are days when he feels defeated-but he never gives up on moving forward. He has sacrificed so much of himself physically and mentally as part of his job in one of the elite forces within our military. His determination to persevere in difficult times is inspiring to me. We can’t erase the bad memories that haunt his dreams at night but would love to see him experience awesome things in life to maybe one day make those nightmares less frequent.

John Baird – Retired Law Enforcement Winner

John has faced so much adversity. Injured in Iraq in 2003. Another deployment in 2009 and then another in Afghanistan in 2012. He spent 35 plus years in the Army, reserve, and national guard. He also spent 29 years as a deputy and game warden. He has always placed his kids and family first and has sacrificed hunting and fishing trips so they had things to succeed. He put his children through college, sacrificing his GI Bill so they could go to school. He drives an older model truck so his children have safe and dependable vehicles. He is a quiet hero that doesn’t discuss his time in the war. Just a good man who was recently called “a salt of the earth type man” living in his community by one of the county council.

Jerry Kuczynski– Retired Firefighter Winner

Jerry recently retired from a large urban Fire Dept in South Fla after 44 years of service. He was a Captain for more than 35 years who always worked in the busiest stations by choice. Jerry was the most senior member in the Dept still working in the field. In his last 5 years, he was assigned to the training div. where he trained all the new FF starting their careers. He taught them not only how to be a Firefighter but how to love the job. In addition, Jerry was a 30-year member of his Fire Dept. Honor Guard where he served as Honor Guard Commander. Here he was most proud to Honor all those who had fallen and pay respects to their family. He made the annual trip to Colorado Springs every September for the national IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial to honor all firefighters who died in the line of duty. Jerry was also a Boy Scout leader for which he is most proud of his 4 sons being Eagle Scouts. He was a baseball coach and a Hunter Safety instructor who took new hunters on their first hunt. Jerry believes family comes first, always spending his off-duty time with his family. He is an avid hunter who has never harvested a mature buck. He always chose to have his family or his hunting partners take the buck instead of him. His oldest son is a Firefighter several Counties away and his 3rd son just became a Deputy Sheriff.

CLN on Scene

Wow! What an amazing group of heroes. I speak for the whole team when I say that we are truly honored to be in the presence of this many American heroes in one place. I can’t wait to join these men on a trip of a lifetime, hear their personal stories, and watch this amazing group of people come together to celebrate them. A special thanks to Record Rack and their dedication to honoring America’s heroes and to the partners below that make the Bucks for the Brave Heroes Hunt possible each year.

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