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How To Set Up For Breakaway Roping

CLN breaks down the basics of breakaway roping, what makes this rodeo event so fun to enjoy, and what you need in order to accommodate all of the animals.


Breakaway roping at the Rex Allen Days rodeo in 2014.

Rodeos are fun, competitive events that have been a Western tradition for decades. If you are planning to host a rodeo in your own arena, you may be taking a closer look at all of the events that your facility can accommodate.
While some of the popular rodeo events require a great deal of equipment and set-up, other events are easier to accommodate in even a basic arena. When you learn more about how set up for breakaway roping, you may find that this is a perfect option to add to your event schedule.

The Basics of Breakaway Roping

breakawayroping-rexallendays2014-3Before you can understand how set up for breakaway roping, it is important to understand what the event is and how it is performed. This event allows participants of all ages and skill levels to prove their abilities at roping a calf. Unlike more competitive and dangerous events, such as bull riding and roping, this event involves smaller animals and minimal risk to the participant. Nonetheless, it is a fun event for participants and attendees alike, and you can add it to your own rodeo event schedule when you learn how set up for breakaway roping.

What You Need for Breakaway Roping

breakawayroping-rexallendays2014-4You will need to have a small stable to keep your calves in for this event. This does not need to be a large pen due to the size of the animal, but typically there are several calves that will be used for the event. Therefore, the pen should be large enough to accommodate all of the animals. In addition, you will need a chute where the horse and mounted rider will depart into the arena from. This is a basic set-up that most arenas can accommodate, but keep in mind that the calves typically will be released into the arena shortly before the horse and rider. This means that the arena gates for the chute and pen should be separate.
breakawayroping-rexallendays2014-1Participants even in their younger teen years can participate in breakaway roping events, but you will need to know how set up for breakaway roping. This is a fun event that many enjoy, and it is easy to set up with most standard arena layouts and equipment. After you learn how to set up for breakaway roping and discover how easy the process is, you will be ready to add this fun event to your rodeo schedule.

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