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Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Hall of Fame

For those with a love of the Wild West, there is nothing more special than a good old fashioned rodeo filled with cowboys and cowgirls showcasing their skills. While many competitors have great rodeo careers, only a select few garner the recognition necessary for induction into the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Hall of Fame.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Hall of Fame Mission

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado the Hall of Fame has as its mission to educate the public not only about rodeo and its rich history but also how it has impacted American culture. Along with education, the Hall also looks to recognize those who have made major contributions to the sport over the years. Rodeo competitors from the past and present, both human and animal, have found themselves recognized for their incredible achievements. Also included in the Hall’s mission is to serve as an inspiration to future generations, hoping to keep the rodeo spirit alive and well.

About the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Hall of Fame

Created in 1979, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Hall of Fame was designed to be both educational and entertaining to its guests. Hoping to preserve the legacy of the cowboy heritage, along with emphasizing how the cowboy culture influenced many other aspects of American society over the years, the Hall has become a popular stop for those who visit Colorado. Relying on public donations as well as the tireless work of volunteers, it continues to expand and become more popular year after year.

Infamous Pro Rodeo Inductees

In any sport, the ultimate recognition from peers and fans is to be honored as one of the best ever. Some of the most daring and exciting cowboys to ever be involved in rodeo are enshrined in Colorado Springs, including:

  • Wayne Herman
  • Pete Grubb
  • Miles Hare
  • Byron Walker

While all these Pro Rodeo competitors find themselves enshrined, ones such as world champion bull rider and CLN team member Charlie Sampson have found themselves given special recognition for their accomplishments. Along with his world championship in 1982, this 16-year Pro Rodeo veteran became known for his charismatic style as well as his unique abilities during competition. Due to his impact on the sport, visitors to the Hall can find an impressive bronze statue of Charlie staring back at them, once again showcasing this one-of-a-kind competitor.

2020 Hall of Fame Inductees

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