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Tex Earnhardt at Earnhardt Ranch

“Now That Ain’t No Bull”, this catchy saying comes from none other than Cowboy Lifestyle Network’s favorite automobile dealerships, Earnhardt Auto Centers.

Tex and Hal Earnhardt at Earnhardt Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

Tex and Hal Earnhardt at Earnhardt Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

Most people who live in Arizona have seen or heard the familiar commercial ending in “Now That Ain’t No Bull!” Of course, this catchy saying comes from none other than the Cowboy Lifestyle Network’s favorite auto dealerships, Earnhardt Auto Centers.
Why does CLN respect this company? If you have not heard the story already, Tex Earnhardt is the iconic cowboy that started this automotive empire one car at a time, while everyday sticking to his “true blue” roots and pure values of the traditional American man. Tex was only 21 years old when it all started, making him the youngest in the business at the time. For Tex, success, fame, and fortune has not wavered his rock solid value system, but has pushed him to believe in his honest way of life even harder.

The CLN Team with Lucinei Nunes Nogueira Jr., Victor Aros, Hal and Tex Earnhardt

Tex Earnhardt is a modest and humble man with great conviction. Even though he could drive any vehicle he desires, he remains a proud driver of his Ford Excursion that has more than 160,000 miles on it, and naturally, with bull antlers mounted to the front. Tex says the car runs fine and he simply does not need a brand new car. What a guy! Furthermore, Tex contributes his real success in life to the fact that he has a great family, wife, and great friends because “that’s all there really is in life.”
Tex Earnhardt with team roping prodigy Lucinei Nunes Nogueira Jr.

Tex Earnhardt with Brazilian team roping prodigy Lucinei Nunes Nogueira Jr.

The life of Tex Earnhardt is proof of the true blessings in life and evidence of the rewards that hard work and integrity produces.
His legacy is a real American success story which makes that popular logo and saying, “That Ain’t No Bull,” just as much about Tex Earnhardt as it does his company.
The Cowboy Lifestyle Network is proud to know the Earnhardt family and represent their establishment.


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