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What Do All of These Western Celebrities Have in Common?

If you’re even a little bit familiar with the western industry then you may have heard some of the household names that we are going to mention below. But the real question I would like to ask ya’ll is, what do these western celebrities have in common? I can tell you right now, it isn’t where they live or their favorite dessert but before we get to the good stuff, I’d love to give you all some insight on some of these talented western celebrities.

Fallon Taylor

This gal is an incredible powerhouse of a woman. Most know her as a professional barrel racer originally from Tampa, Florida but she has grown into doing much more than just barrel racing. At the young age of 13, Taylor started reaching superstar status, which isn’t hard to do when you qualify for the Nationals Finals at age 13 and then qualify for the next three years after that. What makes this story come full circle is that Fallon had to fight for what she has. A horse involved accident in 2009 left her paralyzed for three days. Taylor had to fight to walk and talk again. She came back to the rodeo circuit and ended up being the 2014 WPRA Barrel Racing World Champion, aboard a horse she trained herself (Babyflo). Professional barrel racing is just one aspect of Fallon’s life, she is proud to also be an entrepreneur, business owner, public speaker, and coach. To learn more about Fallon, check out her website

Dale Brisby 

If y’all haven’t heard of Dale Brisby then you need to check him out Ol’ Son! Most people know him for his hilarious videos and outgoing personality. There is more to Dale than his online personality. He is known for standing firm in his faith, running a very successful business and being a motivational speaker. Dale became an advocate of Total Feeds after it helped restore one of his favorite horses. While he is a funny guy, what he supports is a completely serious matter. 

Charmayne James

Charmayne James is a brilliant retired professional barrel racer. She was born in Boerne, Texas on June 23, 1970, and was raised in Clayton, New Mexico. At age 3 James started riding horses and has been riding ever since. James is an 11-time WPRA World Barrel Racing Championship winner. She is most notably recognized for her 1985 barrel run in the 7th round at the WNFR. It was there that 16-year-old barrel racer Charmayne James won round 7 with 14.4 seconds and a broken bridle! With an outstanding career behind her, Charmayne began a new career as a clinician and mentor to a new generation of barrel racers. She holds barrel racing clinics throughout the United States, Canada, South America, and Australia.

Have you noticed any similarities yet? A few similarities that we are already seeing in these folks is that they have all worked extremely hard to earn what they have. 

Chris Cox

Chris Cox is a well-known horse trainer and the owner of Chris Cox Horsemanship Company. Originally from Kissimmee, Florida Cox grew up on the Prince of Wales Island which is off the coast of Australia on a cattle ranch. At the time, riding horses or the Massey Ferguson tractor was Coxs’ only form of transportation where he grew up. Through different life experiences, Chris realized that he was destined for the world of training and horsemanship. He made his big debut when he was living in Florida and started a Mustang at one of his clinics, and now is the only four-time champion of The Road to the Horse. To learn more about Chris Cox, check out his website. 

J.B. Mauney

J.B. Mauney is a professional bull rider born on January 9, 1987, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mauney’s birth name is James Burton Mauney but he goes by J.B. His most memorable ride came in 2013 when he rode the legendary Bushwacker for 95.25 points in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His qualified ride broke Bushwacker’s record streak of 42 consecutive buck offs prior to Mauney’s feat. Mauney went on to win the PBR World Championship in 2013 and 2015. Mauney currently resides in Mooresville, North Carolina with his wife Samantha and two children.  

JB Mauney wins the Little Rock PBR Unleash the Beast. Photo by Andy Watson

So what does this group of highly talented individuals have in common? Their love for Total Feeds.

That’s right, all of the folks mentioned above are proud representatives of Total Feeds. With a range of different products available for animals (and people), Total Feeds’ mission is to

“Provide the highest quality feed products for a wide range of animal species.”

These folks wouldn’t endorse a product that they don’t believe in. Fallon uses Total Equine to keep her horses in top-notch shape and it isn’t uncommon to see Dale with a bag of Total Bull over his shoulder. On top of being industry experts and leaders, these are some of the best folks you’ll come across and it’s no surprise they are representing a company with quality and integrity. To read more about Total Feeds and the total difference in their feeds and process, check out their website here. 

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